America’s Got Talent 2018 Vicki Barbolak Quarterfinals Performance Video

Vicki Barbolak – 60-year-old stand-up – She really does live in a trailer park. “I know a little about husbands because I’ve had a bunch!” She reminds me a little of  Phyllis Diller. She lived to be in her 90s. Simon insists he’s been with a trailer park girl before. “Trailer nasty!” Howie thinks she just came up with her own sitcom. Howie jokes “There’s an opening,” alluding to Roseanne’s demise. “I’m going to have some really weird dreams tonight,” says Simon. Then adds, “I just love you. I think America is going to love you.” He mentions that she’s a “bag of nerves” beforehand. But that makes her relatable. Heidi wants some tips from Vicki. Mel calls her “funny as heck.” She wants it even “naughtier,” though.

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