Mochi: Diabolo Artist Performs With Unbelievable Projections

America’s Got Talent LIVE Quarterfinals begin tonight.  Twelve contestants will perform in front of judges Howie Mandel, Mel B., Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell for YOUR votes.

Mochi: Diabolo Artist Performs With Unbelievable Projections

Mochi – Juggler – This Japanese native does a special type of juggling called “diablo.”  His parents aren’t too thrilled with his passion. He practices constantly! “I want to show much power to you!” he tells Simon. Oh. This is really a light show with juggling. I can never get too excited over light acts, which aren’t all that exciting on television. The slow mo part is pretty cool though. The judges give him a standing ovation. He reminds Mel of a 90’s rave. Heidi calls him a lot of fun. Simon loves his personality. He is very energetic!- 4 yeses

For Moci, working the Diabolo is like conducting a symphony! It’s his dream! He came here all the way from Japan TO WIN! Oh boy. The projection effects tonight are pretty cool. Don’t think I’d pay money to see this act. But he makes the most of his offbeat talent. Heidi says she tried Mochi and it’s hard! “You are the best Diablo artist in the world. We’re happy to have you.” Simon calls it a “big yo yo.’ Yes! He says that he manages to make it interesting is fantastic. Howie thinks Mochi NEEDS to be in the final. Mel B admires his drive, but did not like the music. 

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