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America’s Got Talent 2018 Live Show Quaterfinals Recap

America’s Got Talent 2018 Live Shows

America’s Got Talent 2018 Live Shows kick off with the Quarterfinals on Tuesday (Aug 14). For the first time this season, America will get to vote for their favorite artist. On Wednesday at 8 pm (Aug 15), the results will be revealed. Only 7 acts will advance to the next round.

America’s Got Talent LIVE Quarterfinals begin tonight.  Twelve contestants will perform in front of judges Howie Mandel, Mel B., Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell for YOUR votes

For Moci, working the Diabolo is like conducting a symphony! It’s his dream! He came here all the way from Japan TO WIN! Oh boy. The projection effects tonight are pretty cool. Don’t think I’d pay money to see this act. But he makes the most of his offbeat talent. Heidi says she tried Mochi and it’s hard! “You are the best Diablo artist in the world. We’re happy to have you.” Simon calls it a “big yo yo.’ Yes! He says that he manages to make it interesting is fantastic. Howie thinks Mochi NEEDS to be in the final. Mel B admires his drive, but did not like the music. 

Human Fountains  

 Frat Boys Spitting Water at Each Other – Human Fountains were chosen as a wild card. Simon called the act, in which dude bros spit water like a fountain and into each other’s mouths, is stupid, but he brought them back anyway! GROSS they spit mustard and ketchup onto a hotdog (spit into a bun) and one of the guys eats it. I suppose using an Il Divo song is meant to impress Simon. Nope. He buzzes them. But you know he loves it deep down inside. “It’s the most stupid act we’ve had on the finals of AGT.” Howie says the lesson is, “Sharing is caring.” Mel B says “You are something to remember” as Howie spits water on her. “But you are original and you will be remember.” Heidi says, “Just when I thought it wouldn’t get more ridiculous, the wiener comes out. But I kind of like it.” Blech. 

We Three is back with another original tune. Watch their amazing performance of "So They Say."

Angel City Chorale This Is Me

This group was Olivia Munn’s Golden Buzzer. In the pre-package, we see spotlights of a few singers from the large choir. And for their big live moment they go STRAIGHT for the cliche! If I never ever ever ever ever ever hear “This is Me” on a singing show again, it won’t be too soon. Enter the drummers who enter through the audience. It’s all meant to be super duper inspiring. Howie is a little worried the folks at home won’t get it. Mel B. calls them “feel good…you’re very uplifting. But she calls the choreography “cheesy.” But she still likes it. Heidi calls their sound POWERFUL.

PAC Dance Team – Teen dance troupe – Cannon Foddery acts are all bunched at the top of the show. Human Fountains, Angel City, and now PAC Dance Team are not meant to go farther than this. Pac Team’s mission tonight is to impress Howie, who actually buzzed them last time. Sweet kids, but this is toal high school variety show time. I will say, they are a very earnest bunch. But I’m not entirely sure what was going on with the story. Mel B calls it the best so far. She liked the music choice, but she feels it’s not clicking. “It’s like what my 10 year old would do at school.” Exactly. Oh. So it was Willie Wonka theme. The choreography didn’t make that entirely clear. Simon likes their optimism. “I think the show needs an act like this in the competition.” Howie still doesn’t “get it.”

Amanda Mena – 15-year-old singer – She’s Mel B’s Golden Buzzer. She reminds Mel of herself. Amanda talks about being an immigrant and how she was bullied over it. She’s performing “What About Us,” but partly in Espanol. No denying Amanda has a good voice. She hits that big money note! Here come the votes. Aw. Her family are tearful. Mel is “so proud of her.” Oh. Mel feels the need to clarify. Because her life is such a trainwreck. Heh. “I think you nailed it,” says Heidi. Simon is glad Mel gave Amanda a vote of confidence. He thinks she needs to be in a group. Sheesh Simon. Build her up and then

Junior New System – Filipino dance troupe – They grew up in the slumps of the Philippines. They work in restaurants and fast food places to make their dreams come true. Oh look…More drummers! It’s a soccer themed routine. Their thing? They dance in platform heels. It’s an interesting blend of the masculine and the feminine. Very clever. Tara wants to break out the runway walk. Mel B. goes crazy. “Everything about you guys…you are showing us some moves.” Howie calls them amazing. He wishes they’d perform in heels the entire routine. Mel disagrees vehemently. “Heel yes,” says Heidi. Simon admires their determination. 

15 Year old Singer is Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer. That means she hasn’t performed since her audition. Heidi laments that fact as she introduces the young singer. McKayla’s dad is a firefighter. We see a shot of the young singer and her dad driving into the fire station where a slew of hometown fans wait for her. She sings “Issues” by Julia Michaels. Hm….she’s OK. She could use a few more years of experience. She’s got the look and ingredients to be a pop singer. But she’s not quite there yet. She does hit a couple of impressive high notes. She’s vying to be the next  Ariana Grande. Heidi says, “I’m so proud of you! You belong on this stage.” Heidi claims her version is better than the original. Howie believes she stepped up her performance from her audition. Mel B calls her interpretation “on point.” She wasn’t completely down with the high notes, though. Mel’s buzzer goes off by accident. Simon also sees a big improvement from her audition.  There really is a disadvantage to receiving a golden buzzer. I barely remember this girl. 

OH. There having tech issues. Stage doors that would normally hide the technicians aren’t working. 

There are no jobs for dancers in the Dominican Republic. That’s why they’re here. There are literal cars on set, which allows the dancers to use as props. Fire and smoke too. Still. Eh. There are some pretty cool tricks. Oh look. A flying saucer! Mel B loves their hair. OK. “You left everything on that dance floor. You were representing,” Mel says enthusiastically. Heidi calls it “Beyond exciting…I really want this for you guys.” Simon calls them “The best dance group that we’ve seen in the live shows so far.” Howe puns, “Da Republic is Da Bomb.” The lead dancer thanks AGT for changing their lives. 

They are actually from Tokyo. Their accents sound fake. But they are probably exaggerating to make racist Americans laugh! I mean. This act is like Step n Fetch It the Asian version. Mel B buzzes them right off. As well she should. I don’t even get the noises they are trying to make?

They are definitely running out of shtick. They started off bad and have devolved to completely unwatchable. Heidi and Simon buzz them next. They finish with a “dolphin love story” involving dolphin heads and “You Light Up My Life.” Howie gives them a standing ovation. Simon and Mel loved the dolphins so they take back their Xs. “This act is important,” insists Howie. Heidi stands firm on her X. Somebody on that panel has sense. 

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