The German SEX Symbol Global Superstar Does His Thing – AGT 2018 Quarterfinals

International superstar Hans is feeling the love from all over the world

We're lucky to have the international superstar, sex symbol, accordian, songwriter, Madonna fan: Hans! Watch his fabulous performance!

The German SEX Symbol Global Superstar Does His Thing!

We see Hans holding an open call for dancers. He’s such a diva! “Never cut to the judges,” Hans instructed the director, “Nobody is interested.” So true! Hans and his accordian descend from the heavens. to perform…I have no idea what’s going on here, but I like it.TAP DANCING. This performance is everything. This is ridiculous in the best possible way. HANS HANS HANS. Heidi gushes in German. Hans doesn’t really understand German. Simon compares it to watching a horror movie. And he loved it. “I’ll perform it on our wedding night,” says Hans. Howie calls it “my favorite act so far tonight.” Mel B compliments his taste in music (a Spice girls song). “You killed it!”

Viewers reactions:

DanielandJennefer Thompson This guy has no talent. I have no idea why the judges put him through and did not put through worthy acts.

Jo Joanne He's not a singer. He is a comedian. He developed a comic character and is playing it for all it's worth. Genius actually. If you look at him as a comedian and not a singer you can find humor and laugh. Just saying. IMO.

John Wheltle Another AGT act I really like is that big female comedian who talks like a Trailer Park Mama…..IDK her name but what a great skit ! She had me rolling

Walter Higgins Might as well just bring human fountains back. This guy will be out after votes are done. Some of the acts this year, smh, I don’t think the judges were sober when they did judge cuts.

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