Flau’jae 14 year old Rapper Simon says OUTSTANDING Quarterfinals 1 America’s Got Talent 2018

14-year-old rapper – This young artist was Chris Hardwick’s Golden Buzzer. In her pre-package, she rapps a tribute to her dad while she visits his grave.  The crowd hand waves with lights. “Put em up put em up I need your hand in the air,” she raps “Hands in the air don’t shoot me down.”OK Then. The image of the audience enthusiastically waving lights is totally at odds with the song’s BLM message. That probably went over a bunch of people’s heads. That girl though, she’s got potential. Mel B says, “You know I love you…I love your courage passion maturity.” She loved the flow. She wants more “flow.” What? She thinks the performance is too laid back. Simon has his head in his hand. Heidi likes that she sings dark things but always looks for the light.  “You have that steel in your eyes, I thought that was outstanding,” says Simon. Howie says, “I think people need to vote for you.”

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