Family Affair! Former Idol Nadia Turner Is STUNNED By Daughter Zaréh’s Audition – American Idol 2022


Idol favorite Nadia Turner is surprised her daughter Zaréh is auditioning… and in HER CLOTHES. This audition is a total surprise to Zaréh’s mom, Idol alum Nadia Turner, who made it to the Top 8 during Season 4 back in 2005. Instead of the spa day Nadia expected, here she is standing next to Ryan Seacrest AGAIN, while her daughter auditions for Idol in the very same top she auditioned in!

Watch Zareh American Idol perofmance

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Fan react to Zareh American Idol performance

Jacob McCain
I was so anxious, and was hoping she could sing. She did not disappoint! What an amazing story, and I’m a fan of her. Her lower register is no joke! She has some soul. Nadia was a seriously underrated contestant in her season who got felled by one poor song choice. If you are new fans of the show, you should go back and watch her version of “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” by Dusty Springfield; it was an early Idol moment.
She broke the windows out her caw, My mommas hair is like dead straw I wore the top she once wore It jus don’t fit her any more.
Although I loved Nadia, Vonzell (Top 3 of that season) filled the RnB/soul lane much better than her. I was so sad Nadia was eliminated….I felt she was robbed of her chance to go even farther. I am so happy to see how this is going full circle and I really hope to see the daughter go very far..

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