Lady K Sings Wide Awake by Katy Perry on American Idol 2022


Katy Perry says “HOW DARE YOU”!” when Lady K leaves her speechless with a cover of her song “Wide Awake”. Will the judges send Lady K to her self-proclaimed “Holly-hood” or HOLLYWOOD! on American Idol 2022 Auditions

Watch Lady K American Idol performance

Wide Awake by Katy Perry – Lady K hands out gifts to the judges. But they can’t open them up yet. She grew up in Mobile with a young single mother and 4 siblings. They lived in a shelter for awhile. She breaks down as she shares that one of her brothers committed suicide. Rough, rough childhood. As the oldest sibling, she wants to make sure the rest of her family stays safe. She’s auditioning for American Idol to honor her late brother.

It’s a surprising and risky song choice. Nevertheless, she’s a pop singer with an R&B flair and delivers a moving rendition. This gal is going to get a glow up this season. Watch for it. She could make pop records right now. What a beautiful. soulful tone. Lady is a big Katy fan. Her songs got her through. “It’s like you reinvented the song…your heart shines through your vocal chords,” replies Katy. Luke calls it “magic.” Lionel is proud that she lives in his hometown now. The gifts were lovely notes written on greeting cards. So sweet. – 3 yeses.

Fan react to Lady K American Idol perofmance tonight.

Martha-Marnie Stefanski
Forget the competition American Idol, just let everyone sing sing sing cause they are all each one are already WINNERS…just amazing the way life touched them; yet they press on and with a song in their heartAnd the bass singer Luke,well let him sing Sound of Silence or Sixteen Tons on group sing; have the others fit in. A lesson in respect for all…If I can ever find the channel I’ll be watching! The Lord bless each one; y’all also.

What grace – grit and determination she has – beautiful voice – I wish her much success . What poise and an upbeat attitude she has given the obstacles that she and her family have overcome!.

Jenny Deyoung
Top 10! Absolutely gorgeous voice. She stayed strong enough to pull through for her family’s situation. To have the courage to audition and sing in front of the artist that did the song and make it even better really is magi.

Jenna Severin
I’m not crying, your crying. This girl had me in tears, there is alot of talent this season. I can’t wait to see how much she grows from the show. She’s already so wise. Losing my mother to suicide wasn’t easy, and I definitely felt her pain. I can agree she reinvented that song cheering you on Lady K.

Nancy Hammons
Holy Cow, I have never been so inspired by tonight’s program. You already have solid winners, why continue? You can sign tonight winners and make more than one winner, in so many ways. Geez and love Lady K American Idol performance tonight

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