Platinum Ticket: Kenedi Anderson’s Lady GaGa Cover Deserves APPLAUSE – American Idol 2022

The judges are left floored by Kenedi’s vocals, and Katy Perry is now a part of the KeniCat fandom. Our judges are so excited, and believe in Kenedi so much that she’s worthy of the PLATINUM TICKET!

Applause by Lady Gaga – OK MAJOR PIMPAGE of this girl before the last commercial break. In her video package, Kenedi describes moving around a lot because her dad is in “the football industry.” She says, “It can get pretty lonely.” She’s one of six kids, and that helps. She accompanies herself on the white piano. The judges are smiling big. She’s got a clear, commercial sounding voice with a huge range. And what’s more she is GORGEOUS. The FULL PACKAGE as singing show judges say.

Katy is literally gushing “I’M A KENI CAT” and “I’M FEELING THREATENED.” She’s kidding. Probably. Luke calls her a “five star recruit.” The judges can’t stop gushing. “You’ve answered our prayers.” Luke calls her the biggest star, top 10. Their heads are about to explode. CALM DOWN GEEZ. And unsurprisingly, they hand her the Los Angeles PLATINUM TICKET. – 3 yeses and a Platinum Ticket

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