Fritz Hager Perofmrs Before You Go on American Idol Audition 2022


Self-doubting security guard Fritz has been inspired by Season 11 Idol winner Phillip Phillips for years, but until now he’s been scared to put himself out there.

Fritz Hager from Tyler, Texas describes his dull day job–sitting in a room watching security cameras. It’s not a thing he wants to do for the rest of his life. What song he will be singing tonight on American Idol 

Watch Fritz Hager Before You Go performance

Fritz sings “Before You Go” byLewis Capaldi in front of the judges, as he plays the guitar. Just like Phillip, he’s decked out in plaid. “The chorus was pretty good,” says Katy afterward. However, she adds, “I was not in until the chorus. I need you to find who you are as an artist in the first verse. Keep us…locked in from the first note.  You may have the ability to do that.”

Katy thinks Fritz is the kind of person who will sharpen once he’s around other singers. “I think you deserve a shot. It’s a yes.” However, Luke thinks Fritz has a “little more growth” ahead of him. He notes that Lewis Capaldi is a “tough one” adding “I wouldn’t know how to start singing a Lewis Capaldi song.” He says NO. 

Fan react to Fritz performs Before You Go performance


You know what really sucks? Normally there’s equally hateable and loveable people who audition for American Idol but this year they’re all so nice and I can’t pick anyone to root for! I am definitely excited to see where he goes. the song wasn’t his strongest choice but with some work and confidence he could definitely shock everyone. very excited, nonetheless. The judges should have emphasized his need for vocal confidence . Guitar was great, but if he can gain a strong self confidence in his voice, he could be a force. I like him.

I don’t know if it’s just me (probably is), but he sort of reminds me of Freddie Highmore a bit. Lol. 
That said, he has a good voice and nice, humble-type personality so hopefully he stays in the competition
and makes it to the live rounds. So many great contestants this year, though!
The soul that Fritz shared with us all, takes courage. He has been through some stuff, you can hear it in his voice and see it in his eyes. Emotional adventures are great fodder for amazing songs, if he chooses to make the right choice(s) & hard work during his time with Idol and love Fritz Hager Before You Go performance on American Idol tonight

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