Christian Guardino: Long Island’s Finest Gets Judges On Their Feet! – American Idol 2022

Christian is one year older than American Idol and has literally watched it since he was a baby. His huge, supportive Italian family always keeps the love (and pizza) coming in hot! All 3 judges are ECSTATIC throughout Christian’s performance and Lionel runs over to give him a big hug at the end!

Watch Christian Guardino American Idol performances

He sings My Future by Billie Eilish on American Idol Holllywood Week – He was very unconfident during his audition. But in Hollywood, he wants to bring less nerves. At 13 he had experimental gene therapy for an eye condition. And he got much of his site back. He told this story as a contestant on AGT. His performance this time is more contemporary and assued. A BIG improvement over his audition.

Christian suffers from a rare retinal condition and has always relied on music to lift him out of dark places. His Hollywood Week debut is no exception!

Viewers reaction:

Wow – his voice is amazing! You definitely hear the R&B influence – tone, inflection, play on runs. That’s style and he has range. Get him into a studio already! Will definitely be looking forward to his performances!
Top 10 people. That beautiful sounding recorded voice that lingers long after the notes have been released, where it comes from and how it’s accomplished is still a mystery for me. Was waiting for his Hollywood week! I’m number one fan, he’s gonna win.. the part where he says “mirror” I literally said “oh my god” outloud. That was just so awesomely good…love his little riffs, his falsetto, his runs…and especially his backstory!! And he is a LI boy—so going back to my roots
I love how effortlessly soulful and expressive his great big voice is! He definitely deserves to go far in this competition and love Christian Guardino American Idol performances


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