Caleb Lee Hutchinson `s Coming Home

 American Idol Star Caleb Lee Hutchinson `s Coming Home Full Schedule

Caleb Lee Hutchinson is the next George Strait or Garth Brooks! Dallas young man can sing! He is a next big star Country Singer in the makin

Caleb is on his way back home to Georgia you all come and support him  (Signs encouraged by production and also I love signs)

His hometown is Dallas, Georgia population 13,108 people

 Message from Paulding County School District, in Regards to the Pep Rally at South Paulding — the Pep Rally is Only for Students at South — Caleb Graduated Last Year from SPHS.

Paulding County School District reported:

" We are very excited to welcome American Idol Top 3 finalist Caleb Lee Hutchinson back home when he visits our South Paulding High School campus Tuesday, May 15 for a pep rally event for current SPHS staff and students.

Due to the overwhelming support for Caleb and the school district's interest in ensuring the safety of our students, please note that the event is not open to the general public. This is a visit for Caleb to his former school. There is, however, a public community event planned in the City of Dallas on Tuesday evening, and we encourage the entire community to attend that event in downtown Dallas to show your support for Caleb. Thank you, and go Caleb! "

" Caleb Lee Hutchinson, the 2017 South Paulding High School graduate and country singing sensation, last weekend made the Top 5 on ABC's American Idol! This Sunday night he will be competing for a spot in the Top 3 of the television singing talent contest. If viewers vote him into the Top 3, then Caleb and the entire American Idol production crew will be coming to Paulding County on Tuesday, May 15 for a parade and public performance in Dallas to highlight Caleb's hometown. Stay tuned for more details. Of course, this celebration will only happen if Caleb advances to the next round, so be sure to give him your support Sunday night! Details are available on the American Idol web site, but on Sunday night you can vote for Caleb by texting the number 1 to the number 21523, and you can vote up to 10 times by text and on the web site. The Paulding County School District and South Paulding High School are extremely proud of Caleb and wish him the best. "

City of Dallas, Georgia – Government shared to their facebook page:

"Congrats Caleb on making the TOP 3! We can’t wait to see you in Dallas on Tuesday!!!! Ya’ll get ready to welcome him home with a parade and a performance downtown. Parade will start around 6pm at E.Foster Ave and will continue to the downtown red light. Caleb is set to perform in the city parking lot across from Sal’s Pizza. American Idol will be filming, get there early. You don’t want to miss this".

Here`s detail schedule:

American Idol Star Caleb Lee Hutchinson `s Coming Home Full Schedule

Caleb Lee Hutchinson

Caleb Hutchinson Top 3 American Idol PARADE & CONCERT INFORMATION:

From Dallas PD

Due to American Idol Prep, on Tuesday, May 15th, Main Street / Hardee Street from East Foster Avenue to the Downtown Light, Will Be Closed, from 9:30am to 7:30pm

Congratulations to Paulding County Resident, Caleb Hutchinson, for Making It to the Top 3 of American Idol!!!

Tuesday, May 15th, there will be a Parade, followed by Caleb in Concert, in Downtown Dallas.

The Festivities Start at 6:00pm, Beginning with a Parade, on Main Street, Starting at Hardee Street, and Ending at the Historic Paulding County Courthouse, with Caleb in Concert!!!!

American Idol will be Filming the Parade, Concert, and Festivities, and will Feature Clips on American Idol, this Coming Sunday – May 20th.

Lets Get It Done, Paulding County, and Come Out and Support Caleb Hutchinson!!!

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Watch his performace in American Idol 2018 Top 5

Caleb Lee Hutchinson sings "Stars In Alabama" by Jamey Johnson for his Mother's Day Top 5 performance

Caleb Lee Hutchinson sings "So Small" by Carrie Underwood for his Top 5 performance

Today is Caleb Lee Hutchinson’s homecoming day in Dallas. The event will be filmed by ABC/American Idol® staff and will air at a later time. Be prepared for lots of fanfare.

Below are some of the events that will be taking place in and around Paulding County today and the rules/regulations that will apply to the events.

-1:00 PM -Pep-Rally/Small Concert at South Paulding High School
(Only SPHS students are allowed)
-6:00 PM -Parade Begins (Starts at East Foster Avenue and Hardee Street)
-6:30 PM -Parade Ends (Historic Paulding County Courthouse)
-6:30 PM -Concert Begins (City Parking Lot: 121 West Spring Street Dallas,
GA 30132)
-7:00 PM -Concert Ends

Regulations/Information for the Concert/Parade
-No Alcohol
-No Coolers
-Please Bring Chairs and Blankets
-Bring Posters Supporting Caleb
-Bring a Poncho in Case of Rain
This is going to be a large event with a family atmosphere. Please come early and
bring your patience along with your Team Caleb spirit!


Here are some from frequently asked questions regarding the event.

What street will be closed and what time?

Hardee St/Main St at E. Foster Ave to the downtown red light and S. Johnson St from Griffin St to Cooper Ave will be closed from 9:30am-approx 8 pm.

What time and where are the events located?

The parade will start at 6 pm and will begin at E. Foster Ave and end at the downtown red light. His performance will begin shortly after the parade between 6:30-7pm in the city parking lot across from Sal’s Pizza. The Concert will last approx. 30-40min, located at 305 Main St., Dallas, Ga 30132.

What can I bring or not bring?

You can bring a chair, poncho or umbrella and clear beverage containers. You may not bring coolers, alcohol, backpacks or drones.

What if it rains?

The event will be rain or shine.

How early can I get in the downtown lot for the concert?

The downtown lot will not open until 4 pm, the production and camera crew may need to use this space. Please don’t plan on sitting your chairs in the lot early and leaving them.

Can my teenage children be dropped off at the event?

Yes, First Baptist Church Fellowship Building, located at 401 Main St., Dallas, Ga 30132.

Will there be a meet & greet or autograph signing?


Will there be concessions or food vendors?


Will there be a cool down area or water for someone that has overheated?

Yes, First Baptist Church Fellowship Building, located at 401 Main St., Dallas, Ga 30132.

Where can I park?

Dallas Elementary, PCSD Transportation Building, Hershel Jones Middle School (please do not park here until after school is over), Regions Bank, Oasis Church, Old Mill Antiques, Chattahoochee Tech, Paulding County Government Complex, Coleman Camp Park, The Village of Dallas Shopping Center, City lot behind the Civic Center and behind Curl’s Pharmacy. Please do not park in business parking areas that are open or have posted no parking signs.

Will there be handicap parking?

Yes, there will be limited parking at Dallas First Baptist Parking Lot across from the church.

Will there be restrooms?

Yes, portable potties will be located throughout the downtown area.

Viewers reacted

Rebecca Bray Winkles The City of Dallas will be holding a parade tomorrow at 6pm. The Spirt of South Paulding Marching Band has a special invite to the event and will be in the parade

Marcia Dianne Gragg Caleb has the most amazing voice, and is super handsome!! He gets my vote for sure!

Pam Johnston I don't listen to country music so if he becomes famous I more than likely won't hear his music, but he has an absolutely wonderful voice. Not to mention he's cute as can be.

Sheri Shoulders I can’t believe so many people are saying rude things about this kid, he is such an amazing talent and his old country sound gives me chills.. I love his voice and Whether he wins or loses I know he’ll go far

Quentin M. Dock I really don’t understand what y’all see in him other than his voice is deep and he sings country songs. He’s not better than Cade or Michael. Both of them should’ve went through over Caleb.

Tina Davis

Caleb, I chose you from the beginning of the show. Your voice, in my opinion, is so unique. As Lionel more or less says, I know you from the first 2 notes. You have some competition from Gabby. Her voice is powerful, she looks great and she's making good song choices. This song you sang tonight not only made the hair rise on my arms, I had tingling all the way to my feet. (FOR REAL) That is the difference to me.

Some people like entertainment, but there's others, like myself, who like to hear songs that touch them deep in the soul. Songs that connect spirit to spirit. It's not always the lyrics, nor the music, or singer. It's on a higher level than entertainment, and that's what I'm hearing from you. I love all kinds of music, but your particular country sound is different. You are a true country sound. I really hope you win, and are expecting you to, but just remember, you are already on your way to fulfilling your dreams as a country star. You've been exposed. Gabby is on her way. Stay on the narrow path with your life choices. So much is going to come your way. Keep your close relationship with your mom. No one loves you more.

RoJea Gerdom George Strait and Vince Gill, to name a couple, don't feel the need to bounce all over the stage and they rule!…Caleb is great!

Welcome home Caleb Lee Hutchinson Music!!!

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