American Idol Gabby Barret and Cade Foehner Latest Update

Gabby Barret and Cade Foehner Latest Update Today

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Gabby Barret shared on her facebook page

"Crazy busy fun week!!! A lot of very cool news coming!! Stay Tuned!! Thank you for continuing to share and like my videos. This weekend I’ll pick the 3 WINNERS From the text Gabby contest. You guys are winning some COOL STUFF"

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Fans reactions:

Lisa Marie Pierro If only there could have been 2 American Idol Winners.. You BOTH deserved to be there Winning it.. BUT Greater things are yet to come.. Jennifer Hudson didn't win.. but in the long run – She won bigger

Jordan Messineo I just thought of something you should both sing "Hope you Dance" together now that would be awesome what ya think? Cause there are two parts in that song you'd be so so good

Jill Whitton You two are truly so talented and absolutely a stunning couple . Y’all are going to go very far in your careers and I can’t wait to see where it take you . I have a super big favor to ask of you Gabby . I’m not sure if this is something you are willing to do , but my 7 year old son is a huge fan of yours from day 1 of American Idol . It would make his day if you could message me on Facebook or somehow send out a video of a song you sing and dedicate it to him . It’s sounds funny but he would absolutely love it!!!!! He already knows a few of your songs by heart . If you are ever in Florida for a concert let us know as well we would love to come . It would truly be a wish come true 

Lynn Renee Weaver What a wonderful song!!!! We all need His helping Hand at times. I thought I was invincible and nothing could slow me down, then He showed me how life can change in an instant, but He always offers His helping hand! Thank you Gabby and Cade!!! This was beyond a blessing to me tonight! It was a great reminder I’m not a lot alone! you’regreattogether!

Jenny P Hicks Quattlebaum Beautiful couple that serves the Lord and will be taken far! Love how the Lord comes first with the two of you and don’t take things for granted and so excited to see what the Lord has planned!

Candy Bigue Bigue Gabby barrett do you ever think you would come to Vermont well Burlington Vermont I know its a long shot even if you don't I will always be a huge fan forever and maybe I could catch you some where close …..but either way never give up even when it starting to feel miserble because the lord walking right beside you helping fight and find your way
A fan forever candy bigue

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