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American Idol 2021 Top 10 Disney Night Live Blog

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American Idol ends its Oscar break on Sunday (May 2) when the Top 10 takes the stage to perform Disney classics. Only the Top 9 headed to Disney World in Florida last week to tape segments with mentor John Stamos, be surprised by family members and more.

American Idol 2021 Top 10 Disney Night song list

  • A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes from Cinderella
  • Remember Me from Coco
  • Real Gone from Cars
  • When She Loved Me from Toy Story 2
  • Go the Distance from Hercules
  • Baby Mine from Dumbo
  • When You Wish Upon a Star from Pinocchio
  • Into the Unknown from Frozen II
  • You’ll Be In My Heart from Tarzan
  • Circle of Life from The Lion King

American Idol 2021 Top 10 Disney Night live, photos, performances

Deshawn Goncalves – When You Wish Upon a Star from Pinocchio – 3 to 21523 – It’s Deshawn’s first trip to Disney World. He’s so excited. John encourages Deshawn to sing out. I think he’s holding back on purpose, John. He’ll be doing a jazzy version of the song. Interesting arrangement. I think it’s been sung jazzily by standards singers.

Can’t think of any right off the top of my head. But it’s a good song choice and approach for Deshawn, the little engine who could. He keeps going and going and going! The band is amazing on this number. Deshawn also has wonderful stage presence. He bows at the end. Man. Lionel wants to know “who are you really!” But it’s not a diss. He loves Deshawn’s showmanship. Katy thinks she’s met him for the very first time. “You are amazing!” Lionel thinks his family must be so proud of him. “You are not the same person who showed up at audition.

Casey Bishop – When She Loved Me from Toy Story 2 – John wonders if the key is too low, so they change it. “She has a couple of sweet spots, and she has to get to them soon.” Her stepdad and brother “appeared out of nowhere!” she says. They ride some rides. She explains, “I’m definitely stripping it down.” Sure, Casey is a great rock singer. But she has an absolutely gorgeous tone, which this song shows off. It’s lovely. DARK HORSE PEOPLE. She hits all the high notes in all the right spots. The vocal is a little shaky in spots, but the but emotion makes up for it. Katy appreciates all the colors Casey is showing on the stage. Katy loves that she can do “almost anything.” Luke calls the 15 year old a “superstar in the making.” Lionel thinks she has grace beyond her years.

Chayce Beckham – Baby Mine from Dumbo – 5 to 21523 – Chayce calls him “Uncle Jessy.” Also, Chayce LOVES Star Wars. His aunts used to call him Dumbo because of his big ears. Oh my. John suggests he slow up the arrangement. No family at Disney World for Chayce. They’re at home making fun of his ears. Chayce performs a jaunty, strummy version of the song. There’s a mournful slide guitar in the background. His gravelly voice imbues the song with longing. It’s another great arrangement. The band gets an A+ tonight. Luke loves that he brought the steel guitar to the stage. He calls the performance “retro cool.” Lionel urges him to enjoy the moment. Katy loves the way he gave the song an alt/rock sound. UH. GRAHAM DEFRANCO IS WITH CHAYCE’S FAMILY THIS WEEK. He’ll be touring the rest of the season. Heh. Chayce admits that he changed his song at the last minute.

Alyssa Wray – A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes from Cinderella – She loves the princesses, Cinderella in particular. She connects to the song. She always felt that she was meant for more. LOL. John uses the segment to pimp his Disney+ show. Geez. Oh she looks so pretty in a silvery gown. This is so pretty and subtle. She sings with a touch of jazz. It’s very different from what’s she’s done so far. She uses her head voice to good effect. She saves her big notes for the very end. She’s listening to the judges advice. In this case, it’s good. Lionel is so happy that she held it until the end. He calls the performance “amazing.” Katy compliments her control. “You are a permanent princess.” Lionel calls her performance “a work of art.”

Arthur Gunn – Remember Me from Coco – Arthur got mentored by John in Los Angeles. He explains that he changed the arrangement a little. He made it brighter and hopeful. He’s never seen the movie. John tells him to see it before he performs it. John wants him to sing it more like the original. Arthur seems to be totally blowing off his advice. Which is kinda funny, actually. We know by now what to expect from Arthur, and he’s delivering it. On a night with so many great performances, it’s even more annoying that’s he’ll bump a deserving newbie. No slight to Arthur. but this twist is no bueno. Katy calls it one of his best performances ever. She compares him to Dave Matthews. Luke calls him authentic. The judges agree: STICK TO YOUR GUNS ARTHUR.

Recent Oscar winner Jon Batiste performs “It’s Alright” the classic Impressions song covered in the animated Disney movie, Soul. Eventually, the song evolves into “Shout” except it’s “Soul.” It’s a really fun performance. SOUL IS AVAILABLE ON DISNEY+

Cassandra Coleman – Go the Distance from Hercules – SHE LOVES STAR WARS. Her sister and brother-in-law surprise her, and do a bunch of Star Wars stuff together. John calls her a “natural” performer. She’s flattered and surprised he said that. But, she’s learning to believe she belongs on stage. Her outfit is very Florence from Florence + the Machine tonight. I just love her tone, and her vulnerability. Cassandra doesn’t deliver perfect performances. But her connection and passion make up for it. This is lovely. So many personal bests tonight. Luke calls it her most solid vocal from top to bottom. Lionel agrees. He compliments the clarity of her voice. Katy loves that she leaned into the theme. She can see her confidence growing.

Hunter Metts – You’ll Be In My Heart from Tarzan – Hunter says he was super emotional last time because he thought messing up the words would send him home. His song choice is him mom’s favorite. His family surprised him, and it was super overwhelming! The family used to visit Disney World together. Hunter’s performance is sweet and tender. He’s not as intensely connected as he was last time. Maybe he was afraid to let loose? But he did go for it at the end. Katy tells him to “keep taking those leaps.” Luke calls his voice “recognizable.”

Willie Spence – Circle of Life from The Lion King – The last time he went to Disney World was with his grandfather at 5 0r 6. He recently passed away. John loves his smile. And that’s his mentoring! Smile as much as you can! Then, Willie’s family appears. SURPRISE. Jennifer Hudson sang this song during season 3, and then was promptly voted off! Hopefully Willie has better luck. Willie does a good job building a song, before throwing in amazing runs and key changes. He’s terrific, but he’s becoming a little predictable. Shake it up Willie. Luke believes “Willie has the magic.”

He’s grinning from ear to ear. Lionel says “you could sing the phone book and literally make it your own.” THANKS RANDY! Katy says, “You aren’t a lost boy anymore, you’re a bonafide Idol.” She calls the arrangement sparkly and magnificent.

Howard Stern is watching American Idol this season, says Lionel. But he’s an Idol fan from way back.

Caleb is very excited to be mentored by someone who played with the Beach Boys. John encourages Caleb to pick 3 spots to look at the judges. Caleb does have problems connecting with the audience. Next, Caleb is surprised by his mom. He begins crying.

Watch Caleb Kennedy Real Gone from Cars performance on American Idol tonight

They spend the day enjoying the park. Caleb’s hat is back, the one that shades his eyes. The song is a real S*** kicker, and is very forgiving vocally. It’s probably one of his better performances. One thing, he does a good job interacting with the band, at least.

Katy says, “this thing is really peter panning out for you!” She calls his energy infection, and loved the song choice. Luke calls it “a total Caleb the artist look.” Lionel loved that he “actually gave us a smile.”

American Idol 2021 Top 10 Disney Night


American Idol 2021 Top 10 Disney Night  GRACE KINSTLER


American Idol 2021 Top 10 Disney Night DESHAWN GONCALVES


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American Idol 2021 Top 10 Disney Night
American Idol 2021 Top 10 Disney Night

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