American Idol 2019 Season 17 Audition, Schedules, Tickets, News, Recap

American Idol 2019 Audition Cities Revealed

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Planning on auditioning for the next season of American Idol? Season 17 auditions are officially OPEN. 

Planning on auditioning for the next season of American Idol?  Season 17 auditions are officially OPEN. Check out the schedule below. 

The producers of AMERICAN IDOL can’t wait to hear what you’ve got this summer. You can audition online and in-person—or both!

Online auditions are open NOW. Click here to submit an online audition on the AMERICAN IDOL casting page.

You can also audition for AMERICAN IDOL in person at one of the Open Call auditions this summer. Click here to register and to get the latest information

Got questions? Click the FAQ page.  Any singer born  between June 2,
1989 and June 1, 2003 and was not  one of the Top 10 contestants on Season 1 of the Program on ABC is ELIGIBLE to audition. In other words: Hey Mara Justine! Jonny Brenns! Marcio Donaldson!Garrett Jacobs! You just missed the Top 10 cut, but feel free to audition again!

Orlando, FL – August 25
San Diego, CA – August 25
Chattanooga, TN – August 28
Scottsdale, AZ – August 28
Charlotte, NC – August 31
Albuquerque, NM – August 31
Seattle, WA – August 31
Boise, ID – September 2
Richmond, VA – September 3
Plano, TX – September 3
Houston, TX – September 4
Austin, TX – September 6
Philadelphia, PA – September 6
Oklahoma City, OK – September 6
Buffalo, NY – September 9
Kansas City, MO – September 9
Shreveport, LA – September 9
Columbus, OH – September 12
Little Rock, AK – September 12
Charleston, WV – September 15

Locations and dates subject to change.

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