American Idol 2018 Top 24 Eliminations: Alyssa, Effie Passero Kay Kay

American Idol 2018 Top 24 Eliminations

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American Idol 2018 Top 24 Eliminations

1. Alyssa Raghunandan
2. Amelia Harris
3. Effie Passero
4. Shannon O'Hara
5. Ron Bultongez

6. Brandon Diaz
7. Dominique Posey
8. Kay Kay Alexis
9. Layla Spring
10. Trevor McBane

Trevor McBane Auditions for Idol With "Colder Weather" by Zac Brown Band

Viewers reaction:

Titanic Truths
Looks like a amish cowboy. Raise a barn on friday, throw a hoedown on Saturday and back to church sunday.

Lionel Riche just makes everything so relaxed with his awesomeness.. he somehow takes all the stress away from everyone

Jennifer Sharié Edmonds Katy wasn’t checkin for him forreal…she just played along with his crush on her. I mean how many girls gotta crush on Luke? He’s married & we know he isn’t checkin for any of us. Come on now with the insecurities already. Women like that irritate me

Alexandra Marx Maybe not in terms of his looks but his singing wasn’t that good. He smiled too much during his performance. Don’t know if he’s nervous, part of his act, or conceited.

Kenneth Zamora Too many gullibles. this show is a big joke. katy was obviously just making some drama for the show ratings. this guy is opportunist and mediocre at best. they used him for publicity and now they wont need him anymore. aside from that this show took those who got the most likes on social media. this show is a joke and aint a singing show but a popularity show.

Kellya: Update-17Apr Tuesday. Really, stellar performances with the duets! Then the great moment of truth came. The final 7 came
and bit disappointed.Good Marcio Donaldson made it with another favorite, Ada Vox.I was hoping Effie Passero and Amelia Hammer to be included so with Roy Bultongez as they are fun on stage, total performers but all outed.Ah, well I thought of the rationale of said judgement. For my own opinion, it is easier to judge and eliminate later if the "very good" and the "not so very good" are mixed together to compete. Ah, my bitter heart accepts if this is.Looking forward for the lucky 10 next Monday/Tuesday nights and I just hope I could hug the goody ones who lost today and if there is anything to console and comfort you, I shall keep today's notes about you in my heart, YOU ARE ALL WINNERS to me.

Amy Pyatt-Buggle This was not fair what happened to Effie. She is an amazing talent versatile enough to pull the song off after 15 minutes after being screwed out of her original song plan and then they cut her. I’m very disappointed with the judges decision. She’s an incredible rocker, female voice like we have never had before on Idol and she should have stayed.

Lisa Gades I cannot comprehend why Effie did not make it through!? She is twice, if not more, the singer than a few others that were pushed through.

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