American Adol 2018 Judges: Best, Worst, Funny, Heartbreaking Moments

American Idol 2018 Judges: Katy Perry, Lionel Richie; Luke Bryan

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American Idol 2018 Judges

American Idol is back with a brand new series and three new judges. After nearly two years off air, the TV show returned this week, this time on ABC instead of on Fox. Still hosted by Ryan Seacrest, the new series brought with it three brand new judges. So, who are the new American Idol 2018 Judges ?

Katy Perry

Katy Perry Katy Perry

Witness [Explicit] : Here

Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie Lionel Richie

Love Will Find A Way: Here

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan


I See You: Here

The auditions have now kicked off and while Katy Perry is there to coach people on their singing, she’s already schooled us all on a slang word we didn’t know existed.

How Much Are the 'American Idol' Judges & Host Paid in 2018?

Katy Perry was the first person who signed on for the new season of the hit series and she reportedly is earning a massive $25 million for the cycle.

The huge salary for Katy was a big story as ABC originally had intended to keep the budget for the Idol reboot low, according to some reports.

Ryan Seacrest signed on next to host the season, as he has done for the previous 15 seasons on Fox, and he’s reportedly going to make $12 million.

The budgets were already pretty tapped out at this point and there are reports that the producers wanted to find two more judges at very low salaries. They ended up hiring country singer Luke Bryan and legendary artist Lionel Richie, who are both making around $7 million

American Idol Judges Dance to Yodeling Country Auditioner

Viewers reacted to American Idol 2018 Judges

Kristyn Harris Thanks everyone! Keep watching… yodeling is a small part of who I am as an artist, not the main part.

Geoff Mackay I was unimpressed with the judges mocking Kristyn while she was auditioning. she deserved better then that.

Jenna Palmeri Rude that the judges dance like idiots during her performance. So unprofessional and they are not funny either so not sure why they act like that…

Cindy Golden Alderman It’s a shame the American Idol 2018 Judges were being so distracting during her audition. They should save that for after the performance.

Benjamin Glaze Auditions for American Idol With Nick Jonas' "Levels" 

Viewers reacted to American Idol 2018 Judges

Cathy Brown What if some young girl came out and said she'd never been kissed and Lionel Richie kissed her on the he lips like that? Would he be considered a creepy old pervert? Double standards here! And in the times or " me too" I'm surprised that Idol let that be OK! Just saying!

Mary Dawson Power Not sure why they are bringing this show back. When was the last time anyone that wins had a hit songs? 

Kari K. Binner This is too funny! Whether he goes on or not this is the moment he is never going to forget! 

The Idol Judges Laugh Over Lionel Richie's First Class Lifestyle

Viewers reacted to American Idol 2018 Judges
Kelly Pastelly

I think I might have to check out the show! I haven't watched in ages but these judges  have good chemistry. Lionel is the man, Katy should have her own reality show and Bryan is the whole package. I'm off tomorrow so I think I'm going to binge watch these new episodes

I wish it was actually as easy as they make it look to get a ticket to hollywood. It’s all staged, except the talent of course.. These Judges are all wrong for the show. I could have sworn that they made such a stink about this show retiring…giving it a grand finale… And a year later its back on.. And with the worst judges ever..

Katy Perry Shows off Her Hidden Talent

Viewers reacted to American Idol 2018 Judges
Mark Brown
Omg why cant I find a super fun loaded with personality, super sexy, super confident (Honey) like Katy? Lionel, Sir you are a gentleman. When she fell on stage I would have lost all control! I would have been tasting more than her cherry chapstick

Kelly :

I feel like ai should've brought in 4 judges. another woman, perhaps a vocalist to complete the whole package. mariah has already done it and she's a shady queen so sure she ain't cut out for this job so maybe celine dion or someone like that

Katy Perry WEEPS Over 'Idol' Contestant LOVER Trevor Holmes

Viewers reacted to American Idol 2018 Judges

He is a good promotional piece for the show. I just don’t think his voice will stand up against some of the better ones.
Monson Mamea
Guys Katy is not that hot, Sierra is to die for. This love triangle tho is good for the show
Trevor is holding his own, he's quite talented and reminds me  of the late young James Dean – he's got the American Idol look going on

Tyler 'Cougar' Gordon: The AUDITION That Got Katy Perry Do This Ugly Face

Katy Perry EATING HABITS Behind The Scenes 

Viewers reacted to American Idol 2018 Judges

Loom Geek
That pizza came in like: "hello? Is it me you're lookin for? I can see it in your eyes, I can see it in your smile."
Zoi Comeau
Katy is super funny down to earth I enjoy watching American Idol so much more and I like all three judges were all amazing they all put something in the American this year

Nyxxi Dee
Lmfao awww cute she snacks a lot and eats alot of junk but coz she's skinny it's cute. So adorable, so relable. If it was someone like Kelly Clarkson or Meaghan Trainor they'd get nothing but judgement and hate and nobody would be saying how cute or adorable this is.

Simon Cowell REACTS To Katy Perry 'American Idol' Judging: "I Don't Get It"

Katy Perry is now the new face of American Idol, a title once held by Simon Cowell. In a recent interview Simon was asked about Katy Perry on American Idol and this was his reaction. Listen very closely to his commentary and you will learn something about the secret of success for a talent show Judge.

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