Riverbanks Zoo Video Amelia the Giraffe Began Exploring the Giraffe Yard

Amelia the Giraffe Began Exploring the Giraffe Yard for the First Time

Amelia the Giraffe

Time is winding down to place your bid to name me! The contest closes this Sunday, April 29, at 6pm. Don't miss your chance!

Amelia the Giraffe  Amelia the Giraffe 

We hope y’all have been thinking of some fitting name options for this growing addition! This baby is ready for a name, stay tuned for an update on naming tomorrow morning. 

Now is your chance to bid on the opportunity to name Riverbanks’ baby giraffe! Bidding has now opened and runs through 6pm EST on Sunday, April 29. All proceeds support giraffe conservation. 

Riverbanks' newest giraffe calf now has a name! Amelia began exploring the giraffe yard for the first time this morning. She'll be on exhibit for brief periods for the first several days while she becomes accustomed to the outdoor habitat.

Amelia the Giraffe

Amelia the Giraffe 

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Amelia the Giraffe

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Viewers reacted to Amelia the Giraffe

Marilyn Reed Thomson The bidding system you are using to name the giraffe prohibits most of your guests from participating. The first time I saw the contest, there were 2 bids, and the bid was at $1000. I knew at that moment that there was no way I could participate. At this point you have 9 bids, and it's up to $2700. Surely there's another way you could have structured this so that more people could have participated (and you possibly could have made more money). Check out how the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, NY, named April's giraffe.

Victoria Martin I know the zoo needs money to operate. However, bidding on a name excludes the very people you want to teach and grow into caring about the world's animals, the children. Please consider the next naming to be more friendly by NOT making it a bidding war. Maybe get the entire area involved by having them come to the zoo to turn in their name suggestions. You would make more money and also make parents and children feel more involved in the zoo itself. Just a friendly suggestion from a retired teacher who's granddaughter asked what a bid was and why you didn't let everyone have a chance.

Tammy Godfrey Moates Who came up with this messed up way to do this ? Seems like cutting your nose off to spite your face to me. You could have raised more money setting a small amount to participate and the good public relations from the event would have been priceless.

Kelli Feathers Aww I saw that sweet baby yesterday behind the gate! So cute, I can't wait to see her out and about, love Amelia the Giraffe 

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