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Little Amelia is one month old today!

Little Amelia is one month old today!

A new baby giraffe at a South Carolina zoo has been named in honor of a girl who died from cancer.
She continues to explore the giraffe habitat for brief periods as she strengthens those baby legs. 
If you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of her, your best bet is right away in the mornings. But know, Amelia and Ginger’s schedule could change without notice!

More photos from Amelia's first time exploring the giraffe's outdoor habitat this morning… Riverbanks' giraffe calf was named following an online contest after 8-year-old Amelia Attaway who passed away in 2014 from brain cancer. The $5,000 winning bid will benefit giraffe conservation.

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Fans reactions:

Brandy M Douglas Awwww So glad they named her Amelia! After hearing the story it seemed very fitting!

William W Kubicz So mad Giraffe McGiraffeface did not win, this is rigged, but the name chosen is a good compromise!

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