America's Got Talent 2018 Amanda Mena Semifinals " Happy" Performance

Amanda Mena: Bullied Teen Singer Has a Message To Fellow Victims – America’s Got Talent 2018

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 In Spanish, Amanda’s mom shares how heartbreaking it was to watch her being bullied by her schoolmates, but she thinks it made her stronger.  This week, Amanda dresses her age while singing Pharrell’s “Happy.” The arrangement allows the young singer to riff and hit high notes. It’s nice seeing her go young. But is it a strategy that will earn her votes? The older crowd loves the classics. Mel B gushes over her Golden Buzzer pick. Heidi thinks she’s “sophisticated” for her age. Calls it her best performance yet. Simon notes her confidence and likable personality. Howie says that no matter what happens, she should be proud. Amanda leaves with encouraging words for fellow school kids who might be bullied. 

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