Alyssa Raghunadan and Julia Michaels PERFORM "Issues " All-Star Duets

Alyssa Raghunadan & Julia Michaels Perform “Issues” – All-Star Duets

 Alyssa Raghunadan and Julia Michaels

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"My episode appears Monday night! Be sure to watch other incredible duets tomorrow on American idol "

This made me smile so much  Katy, you’re such a phenomenal person. I chose this song to do exactly that. I know America loves my slow songs, but I truly believe that people can have multiple skills under their belt in the pop genre. Thank you for understanding Everyone did AMAZING tonight! God bles

 Alyssa Raghunadan and Julia Michaels sing Issues by Julia Michaels during the American Idol 2019 Top 20 All-Star Duets round in front of a live audience and judges Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry.

Alyssa is OBSESSED with Julia’s songs. The singer is finally ready to slow things down. Julia calls Alyssa a “powerhouse” but she needs to concentrate on what the song means. Smart move to sing a ballad. Finally, Alyssa reminds us why we liked her in the first place. Her tone is so pretty and perfect. She’s out singing Julia to be honest. Katie looks very proud of her “sauce.” She calls it a “fresh take.” And that she and Julia were feeding off of each other. She calls her brave for being so free. Luke loved that she didn’t try to over do it. “Raghu you brought the sauce,” says Lionel. “You keep growing. 16 years old with this much talent and confidence.”

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