American Idol 2019 : Alyssa Raghu Sings The One Who Got Away

Alyssa Raghu The One Who Got Away

After the nationwide vote…America has not voted Alyssa through to the Top 10. Alyssa Must Sing for Her Life! She covers a Katy song. That could work both ways. But obviously it’s a ploy to nab a Wildcard spot. For some reason, Alyssa isn’t connecting, despite delivering beautiful vocals. She’s emotional right now. The contestants all seem on edge tonight. Luke wants to applaud her for the work she’s put in. He calls her a “shining light.” He believes her commitment will see her through. “How dare you,” says Katy, “How dare you sing that song 100 times better than me!” Now Alyssa is really crying. Lionel appreciates her heart and drive. 

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