American Idol 2019 Top 14: Alyssa Raghu Sings She Used To Be Mine

Alyssa Raghu She Used To Be Mine

American Idol 2019 Top 14 starts on Sunday April 14 at 8 pm on ABC when all American Idol fans will vote Alyssa for the first time. On Monday (April 15), after the votes are finished, the Top 10 will be revealed

What do you think of her song choices?

Alyssa Raghu Sings She Used To Be Mine during the American Idol Top 14  in front of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie.

Alyssa is in tears speaking about the opportunity to return. She notes people around her assume she’s older. Her dress is very pretty! This performance has some very nice moments. I wish she was bringing more passion. Maybe I’m used to how the Sarah and the Broadway singers interpret it. When done well, that song should knock folks out of their seats. Lionel says, “The sauce is on fire.” Why are the judges overpraising these performances?

“You have now gone to that next stage,” he says. The performance was like being at her concert, Katy says. “You gave it all to uss.” She does mention that Alyssa needs to work on her dynamics. “Keep the audience engaged through the whole performance,” says Luke. Aw. Alyssa’s dad is in tears again. 

I love Raghu! Can’t say I loved the song, but she can make anything sound good and she keeps getting better. Alyssa’s vocals have always been dope! I’m so glad she’s not afraid to show the world! Indian roots always come with good vocals and dance

I’ve heard other people cover this song and it is a difficult song to pull off! She did a great job and they sounded great together!

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Alyssa Raghu & Julia Michaels Perform "Issues" during the American Idol 2019 Top 20 All-Star Duets round in front of a live audience and judges Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie and Katy Perry.

Alyssa Raghu Sings "Dear Future Husband"

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