Allen Hurns Carted Off After Suffering A Gruesome Ankle Injury vs Seahawks

Cowboys Allen Hurns appeared to be riving in pain following a tackle during the Dallas-Seattle Wildcard game. The slow-mo replay explains why.


This is awful.

Prayers out to Allen Hurns for a speedy recovery!

Viewer reaction:

Tracie Cinquegrana Warren I’m glad they didn’t show it again. Horrible. I hope he is able to come back from that.

Danny Sas Looked horrible. Much love and wishing for a quick and entire recovery, sincerely, 
an eagles fan

Daniel Di Tomaso Who cares whether you hate the Cowboys or not. You gotta feel for this guy. He’s a bloke who’s been riddled with injury. Prayers up my dude, you’ll come back stronger than ever

Michael Cottingham I’ve had the worst ankle sprain you can have and that was some of the worst pain I’ve felt. I can’t imagine what he just felt.

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