Ali Caldwell The Four Youtube Change Battle Auditon Performance

Ali Caldwell vs Anthony Gargiula DECISION MADE BY JUDGES NOT AUDIENCE The Four Season 2

Ali Caldwell The Four 

No More Drama by Mary J. Blige – Her hardworking mom is her biggest inspiration.Ha. She cries as mom gives her a pep talk. That’s the clip the show was using as a fake out in promos as they teased a SHOCKING elim. Oooh. She’s breaking out “No More Drama.” Definitely swinging for the fences. Ali pours her heart out. Every big note! What a voice on that gal. She’s hard to beat.

Ali Caldwell performs "No More Drama" by Mary J. Blige.

Anthony Gargiula – I’m Not The Only One by Sam Smith – Anthony has an interesting tone. But he’s missing something, even as he works the stage. His phrasing and adlibs are ordinary. No magic. I feel kinda bad for him. He got attention as a cute kid, but then grew up. Hope he can come to terms with all that. 

Khaled says it feels like Ali has 11 albums. That’s a random number. Still, she’s a pro and it shows.For Anthony, he pulls out the classic Simon Cowell diss:  You belong on Broadway. Which shows that Khaled knows nothing about it. The Great White Way boasts some of the best singers in the world.LOL. Then he literally tells him he’d be great at a theme park–which is what he’s trying to escape from. The audience boos as Khaled insists its a compliment. Good lord. Meghan is covering her face.Diddy doubles down on the “Broadwayish” and “Theatrical” descriptions, saying he’s not a great fit for pop. What’s more, he didn’t do enough to dethrone Ali. He should have just left it at that. Because that’s what’s really happening here. Ali outsang him. The End. When Michael tells them he actually already works at a theme park (as if they didn’t know), Diddy and Khaled dramatically walk off the stage. Diddy adds that Mary would be proud of Ali’s rendition of her song. For her part, Meghan says she did not get the Broadway vibe so much. “I got aggressive young artist willing to do anything.” She adds, “The tough part is that your up against [Ali] against a beast.” And that’s exactly it. No need for the uniformed Broadway bullsh*t. Oh oh oh. His speaking voice, giggles and all, reminds me of David Archuleta (His singing voice not so much.)  The crowd chants for Ali. Poor kid. He knows he’s a goner – Ali Caldwell wins the Challenge. Anthony Gargiula is eliminated. 

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