The Voice 17 Battles: Alex Guthrie vs Injoy Fountain Sing "Home"

Alex Guthrie Battles Injoy Fountain, performing “Home” during The Voice The Battles

Alex Guthrie vs  Injoy Fountain

Alex Guthrie Battles Injoy Fountain, performing "Home" during The Voice The Battles

Home by Marc Broussard – Kelly felt that two soulful singers would be a perfect match. Injoy toured with Rent. She has a young daughter. Not said: She auditioned for the American Idol judges last year. Alex plays in a blues band. The song choice seems tailor made for him. He’s been playing the song for years,  Injoy has never heard the song before. In rehearsal, though, she sounds pretty good. And Injoy helped Alex move without a guitar. Kelly and Normani tell him more eye contact and movement. And for Injoy–trust yourself, watch your pitch.

And for both: Bring attitude! Create a great moment. Kelly will pick the singer who brings the boldest moment. Ha. In the performance, Alex has no idea what to do with his hands. Injoy is bringing a growly performance. I think she’s dominating. But Alex is bringing it as well. Blake feels Alex could have been more aggressive. He calls Injoy infectious. John agrees, He didn’t get a sense of Alex’s personality. He loved Injoy. Gwen disagrees, she felt Alex took charge of the stage. The pairing was a mismatch in the end. Injoy’s big voice was going to dominate by default. Kelly Picks Alex. Really? Injoy is Eliminated Obviously Injoy was cannon fodder from the get-go. The song pick made that obvious. Injoy still killed it, but Kelly’s mind was already made up, methinks.  

Alex Guthrie performs "Love and Happiness" during The Voice Blind Auditions.

Injoy Fountain performs "7 Rings" during The Voice Blind Auditions.

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