American Idol Top 5 Alejandro Aranda Blesser Performance Video

Alejandro Aranda sings Blesser – American Idol Top 5

Alejandro Aranda Blesser 

TONIGHT the Top 5 each perform THREE songs

1️⃣ Mentor Bobby Bones' picks 🎶
2️⃣ Music of Elton John 
3️⃣ Tributes to their heroes 

Which performances are you most excited for?

Alejandro Aranda sings Blesser for his American Idol Top 5 performance Tonight

He dedicates his song to a fellow musician, Twin Shadow who became his musical mentor. “He believed in me so much.” Alejandro notes that he listened to classical music as a kid. Setting aside his vocal ability, Alejandro is a phenomenal musician. This original incorporates jazz, classical and pop inventively. He’s a talented songwriter and a passionate performer. Lionel says, “We war watching a phenomenon. We are watching musical history. VOTE VOTE VOTE.” Katy says, “Stay humble homie.” Luke starts that “I am not worthy” schtick again. “I will champion you as much as I can.”

My pick for the WIN!!! Super talented young man with so much heart an inspiration to so many young people following the dream of being somebody in this world.

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