Alejandro Aranda Sings Millennial Love on American Idol Top 3 Finale

Alejandro Aranda Millennial Love

What Alejandro Aranda will sing tonight for his American Idol performance 

Alejandro Aranda performs Millennial Love during the American Iol Top 3 finale 

All three contestants are good. It’s only going to be based upon the one who sounds naturally while singing and not over doing themselves or trying to hard. All three sound great, though

Alejandro accompanies himself on acoustic guitar with minimal band backup. It’s a sweet, touching song. But there’s no “moment” in it. And on singing shows, moments are VERY important. I kept waiting for him to break out an incredible guitar solo, or take his vocal up a notch. Lionel calls him captivating and next level. “From one songwriter to another, we are so happy to have you join the ranks,” he says, “You could here a pin drop. There is so much reverence and respect when you sing,” says Katy. She advises him to never let it get “watered down.” Luke says he will never forget the first time he met the singer, “We have been spoiled by you week after week.” Alejandro says the song is about putting down the phone and “human contact.”

 Alejandro for the win. & setting the bar a lot higher for future shows. The people and/or the show might not be ready. I definitely am. Originality over copy & paste any day

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