Albert Flick Releases Saying He's Too Old To Be Threat

Judge Releases Killer, Saying He’s Too Old To Be Threat, Then He Kills Again

In 2010, prosecutors urged the judge to sentence Albert Flick to a lengthy prison sentence, but the judge refused.

Auburn, ME – A 77-year-old convicted murderer, who a judge previously deemed to be too old to kill again, has been convicted of stabbing a woman to death in front of her twin sons.

In 1979, Albert Flick murdered his wife, 35-year-old Sandra Flick, by stabbing her 14 times in front of their children, the Sun Journal reported.

He was sentenced to 30 years in prison for her murder, and was released from custody in October of 2000, according to the Sun Journal.

Flick subsequently violated the conditions of his probation and assaulted another woman, and was charged with multiple new offenses including tampering with a witness, criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, assault, and violating conditions of release.

He was convicted of those offenses in 2010, the Sun Journal reported.

Although prosecutors and the probation and parole officer urged the court to impose a lengthy sentence, the judge determined that Flick no longer presented a threat due to his advanced age.

After the convicted murderer was released from custody in 2014, he relocated to Lewiston, Maine, where he became infatuated with a 48-year-old homeless woman named Kimberly Dobbie, People reported.

Dobbie and her twin 11-year-old sons moved around the city, staying at the bust stop or library when they weren’t sleeping at the homeless shelter.

Witnesses said that Flick ate at the homeless shelter to be closer to Dobbie, and that he followed her each time she relocated with her sons.

During the trial, Flick’s attorney argued that Dobbie never complained about Flick following her around, and denied allegations that he had been stalking her as his next victim.

"Everyone wants to paint Mr. Flick as a creeper and in the aftermath in this incident, but again you have to consider in spite of all this ‘creepiness’ I asked a number of people was there ever a complaint? Was there ever a complaint to police of him following her around? The answer was no,” attorney Allen Lobozzo said, according to WCSH.

"No one at all can point to a single statement, not one before these events that would show any intention by Mr. Flick to inflict harm on Ms. Dobbie,” Lobozzo added.

According to prosecutors, Flick learned that Dobbie and her children were planning to move into a Farmington apartment – a move that would have made it impossible for him to continue seeing her around town, the Sun Journal reported.

“There was no ‘we’ in the equation,” Assistant Attorney General Bud Ellis told the jury. “If I can’t have Kim Dobbie, I will kill her…That’s exactly what he did.”

On July 15, 2018, Flick followed the woman and her sons from the Main Street Dunkin’ donuts shop to a nearby laundromat just before 10 a.m.

Surveillance footage showed the elderly suspect as he paced around outside the building.

A short while later, Dobbie went outside and sat on the step to speak with someone on her cell phone.

Flick approached her, took out a knife he had hidden in the back of his waistband, and spoke to her briefly before he grabbed her, prosecutors said.

Dobbie screamed and kicked as Flick plunged the knife into her again and again.

“There was no emotion, no rage, no passion,” a witness said of Flick’s expression during the attack. “It was just blank.”

The footage also showed Dobbie’s children running back and forth on the sidewalk as their mother was being attacked, the Sun Journal reported.

Witnesses rushed in and tore Flick away from the mortally wounded woman, then held him down until police arrived.

Dobbie bled to death from her stab wounds, according to the medical examiner.

One of the cuts lacerated the left ventricle of her heart, while another fractured one of her ribs and pierced her right lung.

Flick refused to talk about why he attacked Dobbie.

Ellis told the jury that the woman’s murder “was thought-out. It was deliberate. It was premedicated,” the Sun Journal reported.

Surveillance footage also showed the convicted murderer purchasing two pink-handled knives with five-inch blades at a Walmart store just two days before the attack, according to People.

The jury deliberated for just 45 minutes before they reached a guilty verdict, WCSH reported.

Flick faces 25 years to life in prison for his latest murder, according to People.

His sentencing has been scheduled for Aug. 9.

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