Alan Silva Delivers Stunning Aerial Silks Performance – America’s Got Talent 2020

Alan Silva America’s Got Talent

Alan Silva brings his brilliant acrobatic skills to the AGT stage! Alan performs to “Alive” by Sia.

Viewers react to Alan Silva America’s Got Talent performance

María Velázquez Great performance! And I loved his son’s expressions and excitement as he saw his dad fly hig

Kat Furlong I’ve seen this type of performance so many times, but this guy stands out from the rest. Does it with so much passion and fearless. He’s incredible.

Michael Price It’s strange how Simon has changed so much since he first appeared on American television. The guy who judged and insulted people initially on their looks, size, and style seems to have learned his lesson…and keep himself on TV.

Kshitiz Pathak The size matters. But not of the body but of the mind, heart and courage. You got all three.

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