Abby Cates vs. Delaney Silvernell Sing Love Me Like You Do – The Voice Battles

Abby Cates vs. Delaney Silvernell Battle

Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding – Last summer, Abby was thrown into the air by a horse. She broke 3 vertebrae. Delaney started doing musical theater very young. She moved out to LA 6 months ago. Kelly wishes she had written this song. Delaney is the more experienced of the two. But Abby has a huge range. Thomas thinks both are on an equal playing field. Delaney is very nervous is rehearsal. Kelly wants to get behind the one who is ready right now. At stage rehearsal, Kelly calls out “DON’T SUCK.” She’s just kidding heh. 

I love Delaney’s warm buttery tone. She’s unique. Abby’s voice sound brighter, younger. I prefer Delaney, hands down. Abby’s doing OK though. Her phrasing is good. This performance is pretty much a draw. 

Adam notes that Abby is only 17. Delaney is 21 and further along, says Adam. But he can’t choose. Blake would choose Delaney, because he can hear the experience in her voice. JHud won’t choose. Kelly hopes the loser gets stolen! Kelly chooses Abby. Oh wow. Not who I would have chosen. Kelly calls Abby’s voice “COOL.” And Adam doesn’t wait. Adam Steals Delaney. He hits his button immediately. He was surprised Kelly didn’t take her. You and me both. 

Foushee vs Radha – Team Adam – Growing Pains – After a short clip of the performance, Adam Chooses Radha. Foushee is Eliminated. Dang. I loved Foushee’s blind audition. 

Mikele Buck vs Chevel Shepherd – You Look So Good in Love – Team Kelly – After a short clip of singing Kelly Chooses Chevel. Mikele is Eliminated. 

Audri Bartholomew vs Makenzie Thomas – Team Jennifer – Always Be My Baby – After the short snip, Jennifer says Mariah would be proud. She calls MaKenzie a “beast” of a vocalist. Jennifer Chooses Makenzie. Audri is Eliminated. 

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