Cates Covers Alessia Cara’s “Scars to Your Beautiful” – The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions

Abby Cates Blind Audition 

Cincinnati – Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara – Carson calls her the “singing princess.” She dresses up in ball gowns and performs at kids birthday parties. Last summer she was thrown from a horse and broke 3 of her vertebrae. It was “super scary” but she escaped paralysis. Music was her getaway as she recovered. Her “no 1 coach” is Kelly.  Kelly turns first. For someone who has only performed in front of little kids and in her room, she’s impressive. Her range is crazy big. She’s hitting those high notes. If the teams weren’t filling up, she would have gotten more turns. “Your tone was incredible at the beginning.” Kelly compares her to Tori Kelly. – Only Kelly Turns

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Viewers react to 

Mark Rood . . . more *Show Improvement ideas; in these latter stages of blinds, maybe show across the bottom of each coach, 7 out of 12 picks – thus 5 left. i e …Give us their tally so we know their sitch.

Tammy Beck Rosenfeldt Amazing job, Abby! For those who don't know her voice, she has amazing range, style, and makes it look effortless. Super talented!

Angela Miers Great performance. Only one tonight who made me stop what I was doing and watch instead of just listening to the show.

Doreen Bosse Streetman Is this Jonathan Cain, from Journey, daughter? She can sing pretty darn good and I love her ranges she sings in.

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