Aaron Rodgers Calls Travis Kelce ‘Mr. Pfizer’ During Appearance On Pat McAfee Show

Aaron Rodgers Calls Travis Kelce ‘Mr. Pfizer’ –  Aaron Rodgers casually calls Travis Kelce “Mr. Pfizer” while talking about how the #Jets limited him on Sunday night. In a recent Monday appearance on the Pat McAfee show, NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers playfully referred to Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce as ‘Mr. Pfizer’. This lighthearted nickname caught the attention of fans and media alike, sparking curiosity about the connection between Kelce and the pharmaceutical giant.

Aaron Rodgers Calls Travis Kelce ‘Mr. Pfizer

It is worth noting that this playful moniker may have been inspired by Kelce’s close friendship with pop superstar Taylor Swift, who recently released her re-recorded album ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’ in partnership with Pfizer. While it remains unclear whether there is any direct association between Kelce and Pfizer beyond this coincidence, Rodgers’ comment has certainly added an intriguing twist to their relationship.


As fans eagerly await further details or clarification from both players involved, one can’t help but appreciate the humor and banter that often arises within the world of professional sports. With Aaron Rodgers known for his quick wit and Travis Kelce beloved for his charismatic personality, this amusing exchange serves as a reminder of the camaraderie and entertainment that sports can bring to our lives.

Viewers react to Aaron Rodgers Calls Travis Kelce ‘Mr. Pfizer’:

Karla Mae
Can we get a replay of Aaron’s highlight reel from this season please? NFL Memes, now that was funny. Update… remarks regarding weight don’t hurt me. I am used to it as a comeback when nothing clever to say. Can Rodgers please go somewhere? Most people just disappear when they’re hurt for the season. I’m just confused about his agenda bc it doesn’t seem like he’s the team oriented as he was this summer.

Heidi Miller
Aaron Rodgers will do anything to stay relevant…pathetic. Speaks to his character. There’s a reason his family doesn’t talk to him Normally I HATE Rodgers BUT this is my favorite thing to come out of his mouth ever!!! Aaron Rodgers Calls Travis Kelce Mr Pfizer that make me laugh so hard..

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