Aaron Jones Waved Goodbye To Cowboys’ Byron Jones During Touchdown Run

Aaron Jones is just toying with the Dallas Cowboys at this point.

During the third quarter of today’s Packers-Cowboys game in Dallas, RB Aaron Jones, who’s pretty much owned the Cowboys all night waved good bye to Cowboys CB Byron Jones on his way to the end zone for his third touchdown of the day.

Viewer reaction:

David Zamarripa Venegas See what happens when you face the good teams. Stephen A. Smith is going to have a field day.

Rich Goranson Why? It was perfectly okay when Aaron Hernandez goosestepped like a Nazi stormtrooper while pointing at the defensive back that couldn't catch him but it was Stevie Johnson who got fined for wishing the fans a Happy New Year…in the same game.

Clyde Seger As a Cowboys fan, we are a shining example of when you have enough money to think your good at your hobby. Jones needs to go or let football people run his team.


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