Aaron Crow Audition: Pours Hot Wax On Eyes And Swings Sword At Howie Mandel

Aaron Crow Pours Hot Wax On Eyes And Swings Sword At Howie Mandel – America’s Got Talent 2018

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Aaron Crow Audition

The most dangerous act and Howie Mandel’s life is on the line

Danger act Aaron Crow drips hot wax onto his eyes and grazes Howie's head with a sword. From slicing a pineapple with a sword, to breaking wooden boards with nunchucks, Aaron brings the danger to AGT. 

 Sword Tricks – Oh this guy. There’s a preview and I couldn’t bear to watch it. I hate gross out acts. He doesn’t talk. Just stares at the judges. He slices up an apple midair with a sword.He heads to the audience, picking out a couple “volunteers.” He drags Howie up on stage. But before he wields his weapons, he seals his eyes shut with hot wax, a blindfold and silver paper. After a few simpler feats, he grabs a big sword and chops a pineapple off of Howie’s head. Simon thinks it’s incredible that he nearly killed Howie. Mel B. thinks he’s hot. – 4 yeses

Viewers reacted to Aaron Crow Audition:

Steve Chase Love how Simon said bye to Howie. It's like later dude glad it's not me

Karen Patterson Now that was probably the most entertaining episode I think I have ever seen!

Olinz Bernadoz Omg…..it was Amazing…heart heart heart help?

Kristen Waldron i remeber seeing him on bgt bc he used one of the host as well in the act

Elizabeth Richmond Its showing us the whole act before the show is even on?
I dont wana know whats coming up fully…

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