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Oh, this act is entertaining. Aarron is completely silent as he weilds all manner of dangerous weaponry staged like something out of Game of Thrones. Howie is once again the “assistant.” Where are the knives? Howie signals to Aaron with a sledge hammer which tall back to choose… I’m confused. 

This act is meandering by the time Simon ends up on stage. This better have a payoff. Eh. It really doesn’t. I agree with Mel and Heidi that it took too long to get to a non-existant payoff. Disappointing. That was such a dud, I wonder if something went wrong. 

1. Aaron was on another talent competition before America’s Got Talent! Aaron, 49, was a contestant on season 7 of Britain’s Got Talent. AGT judge Simon Cowell was a judge that season as well! While Aaron didn’t win Britain’s Got Talent, he’s honed his skills and is ready to win it all in AGT season 13!

2. He’s performed in iconic places. He was featured for six weeks on Broadway and performed at London’s West End and the iconic Sydney Opera House, according to his official website. He was awarded the International Brand Personality Award and was awarded a world championship title in magic. His dazzling routines are renowned around the world.

3. His stunts are death-defying. Aaron’s featured acts include Supravision, Kniferoulette, Needles, the Bowman, the Flatliner, and the Bulletcatcher. These acts feature Aaron lowering his heartbeat to a dangerous level, catching a bullet with his teeth, and more.

4. He first impressed the judges by pouring hot wax on his eyes. When Aaron took the stage for his AGT audition, he wanted to make a statement. He decided to perform his Supravision act, which features the daredevil pouring hot wax on his eyes. After the hot wax and then blindfolding himself, Aaron then sliced a pineapple in half that was sitting on Howie Mandel’s head! His audition had the judges’ jaws on the floor. What will he do next?!

5. There’s another Aaron Crow out there! Just so you don’t get confused, there is a baseball player named Aaron Crow. The athlete plays for the Pericos de Puebla of the Mexican Baseball League. The magician hails from Belgium!

Menacing Aaron Crow shoots an apple off Dec's head

Aaron Crow ~ BulletCatcher

Aaron Crow – France's Got Talent 2016 

Aaron Crow – France's Got Talent 2016

UEL MAHADAYA – Aaron Crow Beraksi Dengan Samurainya

Aaron Crow shows off his blindfolded sword skills

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Viewer reactions:

Valerie Sciortino Is it just me, or does anyone else find him extremely sexy?

Karl Pulver Go Aaron! One of my favorite acts. But I got to be brutally honest. No chance. All singers go through first, because, well, that’s what AGT voters do. They are confused, they think this is a Voice spin off.


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