Aadorable Aardvark Baby Winsol Makes Public Debut – US NEWS

Aadorable Aardvark Baby Winsol Makes Public Debut

Aadorable Aardvark Baby Winsol Makes Public Debut

It’s a boy!! DNA testing has confirmed that Winsol is male. Vet staff thought that was the case, but it’s extremely…

Người đăng: Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden vào 5 Tháng 4 2018

Winsol will be 3 months old next week and is up to 35lbs. Visitors should be able to see him in Night Hunters soon. We will keep you posted once he makes that move.

Aadorable Aardvark Baby Winsol

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Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s baby aardvark, named Winsol because he was born on the winter solstice, made his public debut this morning on a day that’s more like winter than spring! After three months of bonding with mom behind the scenes, visitors can finally catch a glimpse of the oddly adorable, wrinkly baby and his mom, Ali, in their Night Hunters habitat

Baby Aardvark Winsol is Getting Big:


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Ally Cabrera Could you guys update us on the Burmese Python?? I’d love to know more about them. Their name, weight and if you are trying to beef them up now that they are in a new enclosure

Peggy Becker Oh, but this boy loves his mama. He is the cutest. Be sure you go at night if you want to see him awake. He is nocturnal. (Also the reason he would NOT make a good pet. Lol.)


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Denise Mahaffey Pernell He’s just such a precious baby who loves his Mommy so much. We don’t see enough pictures of them!

Kris Bush I am hoping Winsol will still be there in July when I come to visit. Not sure what the plan is with relocating him?

Lily Lottes He’ll be the one carrying around his dog bed. I don’t think the boy will give that up lol

Suzanne Eaton Mankey He’s a big mama’s boy. He’ll never leave her

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