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A TRIBUTE to Stephen Hawking- We Love You So Much Stephen

A Tribute to  Stephen Hawking

 Professor Stephen Hawking has died at age 76. Professor Hawking died peacefully at his home in Cambridge, England in the early hours of this morning, a spokesperson for his family says. 

We’ve set up an online memory to honor Stephen, help us

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Towanda Livingston Rest In Heaven The overwhelming contributions you have made to our world will forever permeate our lives and the lives of generations to come. Your beautiful mind, your compassion and unapologetic existence has inspired a generation and your legacy will reside in the hearts and minds of us all. I know this thank you comes too late; I pray you know how grateful we are for the blessing that is you. Rest In Heaven you have earned your halo and wings.

Jeff Morrison Have a nice face to face with God . I hope he forgives you for denying him or I hope you found him in life . God bless you

Zoe Osaro Izosa Hope you now kw that there is God…its easy to b an atheist when thing are going well for you bit its not easy been an atheist at the point of death…..

Gail McMullen Not sure how you look at the condition he had to be spend his life physically and say " it's easy to be an atheist when things are going well for you"

Philip Schrepel Today, Steven Hawking realized how wrong he was his entire life, just a shame he found out when it was too late. 
Brandon Michael Briggs People bring his religious beliefs into this? Really? Haha. He's done a lot for the world so anyone talking down about anything to do with the genius Stepen Hawking is ignorant and opinions irrelevant and love 
A Tribute to  Stephen Hawking

Laura Marie Wow what’s with all the hatred!!! Freedom of religion means you are entitled to have your own beliefs! Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they are wrong. Hawking’s brought us great things, why not celebrate his life for what he has brought to people instead of being mean because he didn’t follow suit with you and your beliefs.

Denise Hammock We don’t know what conversations he had with god before his passing so it certainly isnt our place to assume or convict this man to heaven or hell ………… I pray in the name of Jesus forgiveness for this mans sins just in case he didn’t have the opportunity to do so himself . Amen .

We’ve set up an online memory to honor Stephen, help us: Here

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