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Viewers reacted to A TRIBUTE to KEYBOARDCAT 

Ana Caroline Zaffari This makes me very sad, I’m gonna miss this cat, his videos always made me smile and brightened my day, all animals are meant to be loved and I’m sure Bento was purely loved during his whole life. Thank you for all the great moments 

Kristina Noel Martinez Im still sad as hell about this. That remix video of his video got me thru some really hard and sad times. Having a bad day? Watch the vid. Anxiety attack? Watch the vid

Thank you Bento for the adorableness and love. Rest in paradise lil man!

Jason Moehr Rest In Peace Bento…my best friend Elso just passed away at 10 last Sunday and I’m sure he’s up there enjoying your music

Danielle Harmon I really am sad to hear about the passing of this adorable guy. His videos cheered me up. At least he’ll still be able to make you smile through his videos.

Andrea Boren Rest in peace, sweet Bento. You left a big impact on the world and left smiles on so many faces. Thank you for being you 

Heather Hill Been enjoying perusing Bento's FB page. I love the one where he presses the car accellerator with his little foot and peels out in the car. Miss you Sweetie.  Love and prayers to Bento and his Family.

Kathryn KD The world with never be the same without you. I’m so happy that your music will always be there for us to enjoy. You were a gift to the world!

Lauren Rhine I have a kitty that looks very much likeBento did. Bento brought so many smiles to so many people. What a ful filling life! I’m very sad that he didn’t have more yearsYear’s.

Courtney Nunez Im so sad to hear about this. I was and still am one of your biggest fans! I have Keyboard cat shirts that I wear proudly! I love you sweet baby and love A TRIBUTE to KEYBOARDCAT 

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