Top 10 Super Bowl 54 Memes: 49ers vs Chiefs Live

49ers vs Chiefs Super Bowl Memes

The Super Bowl LIV halftime show, officially known as the Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show, will take place on February 2, 2020 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, as part of Super Bowl LIV


Best Super bowl 54 memes


This shirt is the best to troll 49ers fans

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I wanted the chiefs to win cause I’m a hater and didn’t want 9ers getting Six before Dem Boys! DC4L, either way good game and this meme is stupid. 9ers have 5 rings, and several players in goat category in their history. Nothing to cry about except losing today. But 30 other teams weren’t there.

Donald Trump Super Bowl 2020 Memes


Yay Kansas

It vanished in seconds like this tweet

No mystery. Mahomes happened. He did it repeatedly all season long and from the depths of hell during the playoffs lol. Niners should of stuck to trick plays and letting mostert spin his wheels

Nothing sweeter than Sherman falling flat on his face.

Super Bowl LIV…

Mahomes is just a mix of Zero and Stanley from Holes. Change my mind and the 49ers in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl

“A little bit harder winning the Super Bowl when you aren’t sitting on a bench huh kid?”

Andy Reid is happiest man on Earth

Andy Reid at the White House

What Madden curse..

Super Bowl LIV…

Sherman forgot to show up

The 49ers are….

Andy Reid right in the zone now…

Last years game was actually interesting because both teams defenses were lights out. Neither offense could get a rhythm going.

This years super bowl is super conservative

Should of Saved it till after game while Jimmy G and Mahomes were shaking hands. “He’s cashing in”.

“But you play running back for the Dallas Cowboys” – there I fixed it

More like: “fuck it, people on their couch are going to shit talk something out there, somewhere.”

Don’t try and make this be a thing. Baby Yoda is the best baby

Lo hasn’t changed at all in 20 years.

Taco, taco. Burrito, burrito

Andy Reid honored Kobe by eating 24 cheese burgers pre game

I don’t know about this one. I think a lot of people want to see Andy Reid finally win a Super Bowl title. The guy is one of the best offensive minds of his generation and arguably one of the greatest coaches of all time. Players love him too. This would be a fitting way for him to cap off what has been a Hall of Fame career.

And then there is me, Celebrating national get rid of the green bay packers day! 1/19/2020

“Who the fook was that guy” -Everyone in the restaurant

“This didn’t happen” – everyone reading this story.

That wouldn’t work because a team like the bengals that needs Burrow, wouldn’t get him because Dalton would try to lose to keep his job

The Toilet Bowl?

This is actually a terrible idea. Why would the QB of the Bengals be trying to win this game and have his job taken?? Dalton out there throwing 12 picks (not all on purpose, of course).

Felipe Carvalho can we Trade you to get Kobe, Gigi, and the other 7 people back?

For the Boston girls

nfl memes 20

Got it twisted in Colorado… This is Broncos Country and we are NOT rooting for the Chiefs

Tyrann Mathieu already won Super Bowl MVP

Lol KC is a different best 49ers are not ready for. Tgey are not great againg qb that run outside pocket. And if mahones can get the ball to play makers in so many different ways. I hope to see a good game but have KC winning this one

Maybe Aaron Rodgers should have drove them to the super bowl in the grotti cheetah

Jennifer Lopez, Shakira will be the 2020 Super Bowl halftime performers

Jennifer Lopez, Shakira Talk Splitting Super Bowl Halftime Show

Fan reaction:

Michael Hirashima When KC scored the TD to make it 20-17, I knew that if the niners didnt score a TD on the next drive KC would come down and score a TD. And that’s what they did. Congrats to the KC fans out there. Your 1st super bowl win in 50 years.

James Lightsblack Lightsey III 49ers are overrated they were already exposed in the regular season. They lucky the Packers didn’t beat them two weeks ago in the NFC Championship game.

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