35 Funny Current NFL Quarterback Situation Memes Make You Laugh

NFL 2019- 2020 season started two weeks ago

Here`s the best memes of quarterback situation that make you laugh all day 

Firstly, Drew brees I felt pain just by watching this image…

A sea-bear! Carson Went

The suds

Atleast his next victim is going to stand somewhat of a chance

Love our Cam! Leave his “fancy” clothes alone!

The only NY team


I showed this to my village and they were so grateful they showed it to the next village so forth and so on… fast forwards to the battlefield before we do battle with our enemies. I walk across the field and show it to our most bitter foes we are all friends now and live in harmony

For Dak Prescott you should've put SpongeBob wearing the cowboy hat saying "alright pinhead your time is up"

As a Bears fan with a non-existent offense, the fact that Mitch Trubisky isn’t even on here is truly the perfect way to have handled his.

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