Family Affair! Former Idol Nadia Turner Is STUNNED By Daughter Zaréh’s Audition – American Idol 2022


Idol favorite Nadia Turner is surprised her daughter Zaréh is auditioning… and in HER CLOTHES. This audition is a total surprise to Zaréh’s mom, Idol alum Nadia Turner, who made it to the Top 8 during Season 4 back in 2005. Instead of the spa day Nadia expected, here she is standing next to Ryan […]

Cutest Wedding Crashers Magically Appear At Couple’s Mountaintop Wedding

When Rachel Franco and Alexander Oyen eloped in a self-solemnized ceremony on Flagstaff Mountain in Colorado, it was meant to be just them and a photographer. Instead, two furry wedding crashers unexpectedly showed up and made their day. At sunrise, the mountain seemed quiet — until Franco realized they were being watched. “We had actually […]

Fritz Hager Perofmrs Before You Go on American Idol Audition 2022


Self-doubting security guard Fritz has been inspired by Season 11 Idol winner Phillip Phillips for years, but until now he’s been scared to put himself out there. Fritz Hager from Tyler, Texas describes his dull day job–sitting in a room watching security cameras. It’s not a thing he wants to do for the rest of […]

Erika Lemay Shocks The Judges With Amazing Suspended Aerial Silks


Erika Lemay receives a Group Golden Buzzer for her stunning audition! Flying 90 feet in the air, Erika performs aerial silks while suspended from balloons tonight on America’s Got Talent Watch Erika Lemay America’s Got Talent performance She grew up in a small Canadian town where she discovered ariel arts. In 2018 she had an […]

Jalen Ramsey Had Hilarious Response To Tom Brady Coming Out Of Retirement

While Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans are rejoicing following the news that Tom Brady is making a comeback, there are 31 other NFL teams who must be disappointed by TB12’s decision. They probably thought they’d never have to deal with the GOAT in the playoffs again…But they were wrong. THANK YOU❕ throw that last touchdown on […]

Tristen Gressett Performs Piano Man by Billy Joel on American Idol 2022


The American Idol season 20 continues tonight with week 3 auditions from Austin, Los Angeles and Nashville. Judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan along with host Ryan Seacrest will introduce a new crop young hopefuls. Watch Tristen Gressett American Idol performance tonight It’s been Tristen and his mom for a long time. She manages him. “She’s the hardest working person I […]

Cadence Baker American Idol Auditions Performance Tonight


American Idol Auditions will begin this evening with the participation of contestants from different regions. Who is your favorite contestant on the show? Cadence from Muscle Shoals, Alabama will begin her journey on this year’s American Idol show performing in front of three judges.  She shares on facebook: “YOOO i just found out my audition is […]