20 Dogs Who Think They’re Cats

Ever caught your dog sitting or acting like a cat? If the answer is yes then your dog maybe belongs to this list. Whether they sit in a cat’s position or playing with a big ball of yawn, some dogs are out there acting like their beloved dream idol – cats. Perhaps some cat scientists have changed dogs’ mindset making they think they’re actually the soft creature that own humans?

#1 This dog has attitude of a cat.

#2 “They look cool. I should join them.”

#3 “The view up here is not bad.”

#4 “I saw a cat did it so I did it.”

#5 This Husky has the attitude and sit like a kitten.

#6 “Am I too big for this seat?”

#7 Not sure if this cat enjoys the dog’s company.

#8 How did he get up there?!!

#9 He just finished Cat Disguise Class 101.

#10 Mates.

#11 Member of the gang.

#12 What did he think…

#13 What comes in your mind when you see your dog like this?

#14 He has cat gene in his blood.

#15 Did this dog think if the cat fits, he does too?

#16 Huckleberry the dog. He loves sitting on the rooftop. Not something you’d see everyday.

#17 “Let’s call some doggo friends come and sit like this. It’s fun.”

#18 “I’m on top of the world now.”

#19 This dog likes making people confused. Sounds like something a cat would do.

#20 Just chillin’.

(h/t: boredpanda)

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