Morning Update : Zuri’s “last” Playtime with Jordan

Zuri's "last" Playtime with Jordan

April the Giraffe Store

Animal Adventure's Hyena will be getting a Boyfriend, this may be the inside habitat Keeper Talk

Hyena's have a bad reputation but are intelligent and great hunters.  Allysa, Corey and Jordan have an exceptional relationship with her. This is great.

From what Ive seen Jordan still goes in and plays with Zuri even with the other hyena there

Jordan's mom explains details about Oliver to the small group , she was  a very gracious host, at the time I was not aware that was Jordan's mom, no wonder she was so knowledgeable

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Supporters react:

Niki Queen I'd LOVE to see Jordan's reaction to the YouTube video about the Honey Badger not giving a F….. lmfao! I always imagine Jordan has a GREAT sense of humor, I'd love to hear his take on that video

Shoena McGhee Thank you Jordan and AAP!!, all the videos and always learn something! Today for instance, I didn't realize how thick the honey badger's skin was. I knew they were ferocious and had no fear. I guess with skin too thick for a snake to penetrate, you can be as ferocious as you want. LOL

Kelley Rogan Johnson Jordan, thank you so much for doing these videos!! Not only do i enjoy the information, but I enjoy the countryside, having been born in Binghamton and now living in flat St Louis


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Brenda O'Brien Thank you so much for sharing your animal knowledge. As a Nurse, I have a health tip for you and that is: you looked sunburned in this session. Be sure you wear sun screen and you definitely should wear sunglasses to protect your eyesight when you are facing the sun doing these wonderful sessions. Can't wait for the next session

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