Nothing is cuter than our aadorable baby aardvark scratching his belly!

Nothing is cuter than our aadorable baby aardvark scratching his belly!


Ali, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s 13-year-old female aardvark, gave birth to a baby boy on December 21, 2017.  Since then, mom and baby have been bonding behind the scenes with a little help from the Zoo’s animal care team, who have named him Winsol because he was born on the winter solstice. Neonate and aardvark care staff members are closely supervising mom and baby interactions during the day to ensure that Ali doesn’t accidentally roll over or step on the infant.  “Aardvarks are notoriously clumsy, and we are intervening to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Other zoos have had success with this intensive rearing approach.  Ali is comfortable around people and doesn’t seem to mind all the attention from her caregivers.  They sit with mom and baby all day and step in to reposition the calf when he’s under foot or not in the right nursing position.

 fiona legging

Viewers reacted:

Vannesa Yeager It would be hard for me to stop myself from picking this cutie up and cuddling with him lol

Louise Murray These creatures are facinating, never would have had an opportunity to see them up close if not for this feed thank you.

Nancy Ruoff Poor little guy he doesn't know he is about as ugly as it gets. He just so excited about being born.

Stephanie Fox Between him & Fiona I cannot take the cute!

Donna Coleman I wanna know when the hair will start growing

Amy Jo Moore I might have to make a trip down there this summer, to see all of these cute babies! 

Alyssa Myers Please post to Instagram so I can share with my parents who don’t use fb!

Chris Peterson At least he's awake in this video, I'm Uber envious of him for all that sleep he gets.

Shirley Ann Hester Schoors Winsol is just adorable, I sure hope his nails are still soft the way he pushes on moms belly.

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