We’re live with baby aardvark Winsol, his mom Ali & their care team!

Winsol the Aardvark Live Stream


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 Winsol the aardvark and mom

 fiona legging


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Viewers reacted:

Branden Crago ·Why does he scratch so much do aardvarks tend to have really dry skin is that why he scratches allot or is his scratching caused by bugs just wondering

Ktl Equestrian What is the natural lotion you use,,, I have Potbellied pigs,, they have skin and hair similar to Ardvarks…. I love Ardvarks too!

Melinda Nash ·They are so adorable. When will the baby get some hair? How does he keep warm the way he is born? Love following your zoo and hope to visit someday

Kris Dutlinger Long  Love to see the videos and learning more about their care and watching them grow, thank you so much for sharing, great job!

Caroline Miller Hale Thank you so much for this live feed. Learning about the mom and son while watching them together is a double treat!

Linda Miller Houston · He is a cutie….so many cute babies born this year. The Zoo team does such a great job!

Ulli Eisermann ·His skin looks so thin and his nails so long and sharp…is that not the case?

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