Winsol the aardvark at Cincinnati Zoo Update Today

Winsol, our baby aardvark, is 19 days old and learning to do what aardvarks do best! Digging! And then immediately falling asleep! Aardvarks are perfectly adapted to digging with their spade-shaped feet to reach their favorite foods – termites and ants.


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We’re live with baby aardvark Winsol, his mom Ali & their care team!


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Supporters reacted:

Kim Bolan-Lawes I'm torn between the cuteness of Winsol and Fiona . Great job Cincinnati Zoo raising these adorable babies and all the other zoo animals

Cat Idahored Reminds me of an old song. Does anybody here got an aardvark? Does anybody here got an aardvark! Everybody here's got a right and left ear but nobody here's got an aardvark!! Okay I'll stop now

Cassy Irene So adorable, I've never seen an aardvark baby and definitely not disappointed with this little cutie. Thank you again for sharing all your cuties and knowledge with us

Joan Peters So cute. Well that's enough work today. If he would go after fire ants in my lawn, I would take him home and treat him like a king.

Kathy Wynne Rossell Oh my, Winsol is so darn cute! He looks like a typical little boy! Full of energy! Love him! Looking forward to watching more posts on him!

Anne Spenser They are so cute……. it is yet another creature God put together using the spare parts…. but they all work together to make the cutest little creatures.

Tina Nicole Kraucz Look at you go, Winsol…you're determined to get you're lovely meal…I do the same thing, but I will leave the ants and termites to you, precious boy! 

Nancy Hawkins Bailey Bei Bei (Panda Washington DC zoo) would fall asleep in the middle playing or eating. Love baby animals

Debbie Rose-David Can’t believe how much I’ve fallen in love with hippos and now aardvarks 

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Follow the leader – 17-day old aardvark, Winsol, trying to keep up with his Mama.

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