Follow the leader – 17-day old aardvark, Winsol, trying to keep up with his Mama.

 Winsol the aardvark and mom


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Nothing is cuter than our aadorable baby aardvark scratching his belly!

 fiona legging

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Supporters reacted:

Cat Idahored Too cutec! Thank you Cincinnati Zoo for all your beautiful uplifting posts! In this time of a lot of negativism you definitely make me smile!

Peggy Becker Ali and Baby Winsol are wonderful. He really seems a scrappy, smart little guy. Wow, they have HUGE ears. Can they hear ants and other food with them? Thanks for sharing.

Mari Lindsay Adorable ! I must get up to Cincinnati soon to see all the wonderful sweet new babies! Especially Fiona. Good reason to attend my high school reunion

Tracy Collins Winsol looks so much smaller when we aren't looking at him in close-ups. Very sweet video – thank you!

Jeannie Dyke The keepers keeping them exercised. Sweet. I am so glad for these videos. I am 64 and had never seen an Ardvark before.

Beth Caldwell Tharp Can you tell me more about aardvarks? Where do they live, nest in the wild? Solitary animals? When do babies leave mom?

Saundra 'Sam' Lamb Walker That is too precious!! Who doesn't want yo work st our Zoo!! They love and care so well got All the animals!

Alexander Williamson The Zoo and Gardens look very appealing. But, I don't think these were wintertime shots ! I'll wait for warmer weather

Susan Van Buskirk Crawford Winsol is going to be taking a good nap! Thank you for sharing your wonderful animals with all of us.

Martha Grunwald Koelemay He is just adorable! I know I am not the only one completely besotted with all your babies!

Claire Bracaglia So cute to see him getting his exercise, following so close to his momma.

Ntombi A. Peters It’s good to see him in the context of the space, I had no idea he was so small!

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