The White House Press Conference Today 12/8/2017

The White House Press Conference Today

Press Sec. Sarah Sanders tells Jonathan Karl questions about Donald Trump Jr.'s reported invocation of attorney-client privilege during yesterday's interview with House committee should be addressed to Trump Jr.'s attorneys

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President Donald J Trumps schedule for Thursday December 7th

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Viewers reacted:

Kathy Alston-Schintgen This woman should get an award for being able to keep a straight face and a professional attitude while listening to the most inept fumbling questions of these so called journalists. Damn they keep bringing up pointless garbage.

Suz Yim "We" believe the attorneys and lawyers had reasons for him not answering the questions. Yeah, like guilt? Are we supposed to pretend that we don't know that when someone refuses to answer a question, it's because they don't want people to know what the answer is because it will incriminate them? I get Trump supporters aren't intelligent enough enough to grasp that, but you're going to have to come up with something a lot better to convince the majority of this country, all of which did not vote for him.

Joe Sutter Another snowflake stomping by the intellectually superior Sarah Sanders. These liberal " journalists " are a comical group of stooges, who are losing the game on a daily basis. Less is always more, and Sarah is a class A expert when confronting these goons.

Debra Stites So with Sarah's short press briefing as usual what the heck does she do for the whole day? It is very clear the contempt she feels towards reporters… Does anyone know what she is being paid?

Ellen Singer- Alspector She's never once answered a question with a legitimate answer. And if I hear one more time "let's let the people of Alabama decide" I'm gonna puke. Such an obvious cop out.

Joe Rico I don't even know why anyone still attends these so called briefings….It's all a bunch of crap and no one, absolutely no one gets a clear answer to anything they ask!!

Romayne Schwartzel Does anyone else notice that she rarely looks the reporters in the eye? I understand she’s thinking about her response, but why can’t she focus on them as she’s answering. It’s the polite thing to do.

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