The White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders holds a briefing.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders in response to question about accusations of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump: "The president has addressed these accusations directly and denied all of these allegations and this took place long before he was elected to be president." 

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Viewers reacted:

Brenda Johnson Double standard guess it depends on who you are, the women spoke out before the election regarding Trump and he got elected. Yet there is an uproar regarding other men and what they did years ago and we are firing them or demanding that they resign. Wake up you can’t have it both ways

Marc Breslin Asking the same question over and over again of a person that wouldn’t have clue whether the allegations were true or not, is a pretty sure way to get the same answer over and over again..

Dave Greenlaw So you're admitting it took place? LOL! I can't with this administration, so many lies. Sexual assault is sexual assault. Add this to the extremely long list regarding why Trump needs to go

Brian Diggs Hucbee what are you doing this evening takeing my child too the president and Moore Christmas party I hope some body will grope me I been needing help and. Moore can play with my daughter and son and husband

Kathi Connors And who are these witnesses to his alleged assaults??? I am sure he harassed (and other) the young contestants in the dressing rooms – he likes to see attractive women undressed and they were so young…

Cheryl Sherwood Barnes yes, and in Al Franken's case it happened before he was elected Senator, but he admitted he was wrong, apologized, and the only difference is that he resigned.

Ken Yohpe To the dumbasses that didn't listen or that read what they wanted to and not what was written. The ALLEGATIONS happened a long time ago and he has DENIED guilt.

Dave Dahms so then, why are so many being tried for these same types of allegations when they also occured many years ago— does this TRUMP fella have immunity because he is TRUMP? Why is it OK for him and not OK for anyone else? This man is not able to tie his own shoes and i have to wonder why he is still the PRESIDENT and leading down the drain

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