White House Press Briefing 12/14/17

White House Press Briefing

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Viewers reacted:

Scott Matscherz ·Sarah, you are the best Press Secretary the White House has had in decades! Keep doing what you are doing!

Troy Mitchell ·Who cares about how many African Americans work at the WH. Stop judging on race.. Judge on ability.. Race Card is out of gas

Donnie Cloyd  If the democrats are so against this tax bill you can bet it’s going to be good for America, because the democrats only want to obstruct.

Robert Shamp · Schumer needs to go. He's an obstructionist. Along with Pelosi. And Diane Finstien. They bring nothing to the table but argument with no value.

Gloria Westfall Williams ·I'm reading these posts…really? People are worried about her eyebrows or how many times she blinks. No wonder we're in trouble.

Randy McFarland ·Praying for Sarah Sanders daily! She does an amazing job and doesn’t mind taking on the media. Call them out on their lies and manipulation of facts! Go Sarah!!!


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